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DURALITE Batteries are the lightest and most powerful rechargeable batteries available for radio controlled airplanes, gliders, helicopters and electric R/C planes!

Until now, choosing a rechargeable battery for your remote control airplane involved compromise. Flyers wanted longer operating times but had to settle for extra weight and volume. Now DURALITE Batteries offer you over three times the duration of other battery chemistries for equal weight.

Superior performance and less weight

Duralite batteries weigh up to 60% less than conventional Ni-Cad battery packs. Our packs use only high quality, state of the art, TADIRANĀ® Lithium-Metal Batteries with no memory, no cycling, in pack redundancy and longer operating times. So, whether you are looking for more time on the sticks or less weight in the air DURALITE is the battery for you.

Top Flyers Succeed with DURALITE Batteries!

Duralite batteries are used by top TOC, Pattern, Scale, Pylon, Helicopter & World Aerobatic Masters pilots. Professional RC Flyers know that the competition is very tight. In addition to spending hours honing their considerable skills, top flyers keep abreast of the technological changes in the industry. They realize that their equipment is a crucial component to their flying success. We at Performance RC are proud to say that the majority of top flyers in the US Masters Scale Aerobatic, the World F3A and the TOC Championships are all now flying DURALITE BATTERIES.

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Up to 3 times greater energy density than other chemistries
Higher average operating voltage
Up to 2 times the volumetric energy of other chemistries
The lowest self discharge of any rechargeable cell (about 1% per month)
Widest temperature range (-30 degrees C to +85 degrees C)
In a typical 6 volt application, a DURALITE Lithium-metal 2-cell battery pack weighs 60% to 80% less than a NiMH or NiCd equivalent.
No Memory effects
No Cycling
Environmentally Friendly
Contain no heavy metals such as mercury or cadmium
A patented fail-sale mechanism automatically disarms the cell in the event of excessive heat, short circuit, as well as overcharge or over-discharge
Capacity retention after 1 year storage @ RT is 85&


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